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Nearly $ 5 billion is needed to achieve the expected results under Phase II of the Compendium of Women's Skills of Côte d'Ivoire. The information was delivered this Friday, November 23 by the coordinator of the program, Mrs. Euphrasie Yao during the presentation workshop of the said phase.

"I strongly urge your support so that we can mobilize the budget of nearly 5 billion needed to achieve the expected results. The women of the Compendium are asking you to help them refine their resource mobilization strategy so that in 2024, during the next final evaluation of phase 2 of the program, results will be much greater than those of today. " she told national and international partners.

Continuing, she outlined the program of Phase II: "During this phase 2, the Compendium program will work to ensure a better exploitation of its database, which is enormously solicited by the development community, as well. well at national and international level. From the program, we will develop innovative women and girls economic empowerment and women entrepreneurship projects in synergy with civil society organizations. We will continue the actions in favor of strengthening the participation of women in decision-making positions as well as the deployment of the program in all regions of the country and in the different Ivorian diasporas abroad, "explained Ms. Yao.

She also reassured the audience that "the issues of the promotion of peace will be strongly introduced in order to enable the women and girls of COCOFCI to play their full role in the preservation of peace in our country. "

"We will accompany the fraternal countries to acquire this strategic tool in accordance with our mission as a donor country of solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa," she added, not without asking for financial and other support. partners to achieve these different objectives. Partners to whom it entrusted this second phase of a unique program of its kind and become today a good African practice.

In its first phase of implementation over a five-year period, COCOFCI has enabled Côte d'Ivoire to record major gains. These include the establishment of a dynamic database of more than 14,000 senior women executives, female graduates and women of all levels living mainly in rural areas; production of a directory of high-level women executives, the contribution of improving the national environment to gender mainstreaming, support for the appointment of women in the Government, Institutional and administrative and private decision-making positions, leadership development of women and girls with specific training and sharing of experiences and development of partnerships aimed at the employment of women and youth, and the resolution of gender issues.

These different major achievements were confirmed by the external evaluation of the program, which recommended that a second phase be developed with particular emphasis on rural women.

As a result, COCOFCI has received UNDP support for the preparation of its Phase 2 program document, which has been done after meetings with several public and private actors.

Beyond the handover, it was a question of presenting the main articulations of the program document selected in the COCOFCI phase II, to present the various management and implementation options selected and to present the budgetary articulations and the possibilities of mobilization of the resources for funding this phase


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