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Recognition: the pioneers of the national police celebrated


The first women, the pioneers of the National Police were celebrated this Thursday, February 28 at the National Police School, in the presence of Mrs. Euphrasia Yao, Special Advisor of the President of the Republic on gender, godmother of the Ceremony and the Director General of the National Police (DGPN), Gl Kouyaté Youssouf representing the Minister of the Interior and Security.

A favorable moment for Euphrasia Yao who gave four essential reasons for the importance of such a meeting, namely, "the school that trains this elite body responsible for ensuring the safety of all Ivorians and Ivorians , often at the risk of their lives, it is that in this elite body our country understood very early that it was necessary to include women, then we are here to celebrate the pioneers, those women who dared, who have believed in their ability to practice in new circles, despite some obstacles that might have worried them or discourage them, finally the Compendium will seize this beautiful platform to raise awareness among all women of the national police of Côte d'Ivoire to make themselves known of their program, by registering in the database put at their disposal. "

According to him, Côte d'Ivoire has recorded major achievements, particularly in the field that brings us together (Promotion of gender, ed), however, she says, "our national gender indicators are still little shining. These indicators do not speak in our favor. "

That is why, according to her, we need to find ways to implement these innovative strategies that we already have (compared to many other countries) to improve our national gender indicators and consequently our ranking at the regional level. world.

"We need to move from 43rd out of 52 in Africa to at least 10th in the gender equality index given the expertise and strategies we have in this country," she said. urged, recalling that the Compendium of Women's Competences of Côte d'Ivoire (COCOFCI) is now one of the four programs selected by the UNDP Regional Office as the best African programs to enable the continent to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ).

The DGPN has expressed its pride in being in front of its predecessors, because "the woman is a sun that never goes down so it deserves to be celebrated and it is an honor for me to have the head of orchestra of the kind in Ivory Coast for godmother. "

The ceremony organized by the cell in charge of gender issues of the Police was furnished with artistic performances and gifts to pioneers and sponsors.

As for the representative of the recipients Ms. Alliali Epse N'gussan Affected Dorothea, she urged young girls to embrace the profession they chose, even if it is difficult. "We have had a lot of difficult but exciting situations. Thank you to the Director General of the Police and to the godmother for celebrating us today. We are proud of it. "


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