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Ivory Coast - Fight against the phenomenon of "ghost children": Euphrasie Kouassi Yao makes proposals


The first day of the 5th edition of the Land of African Business (LAB) was held at the Chamber of the National Assembly of Côte d'Ivoire, during which Minister Euphrasie Yao a round table has made relevant proposals for solutions to eradicate the phenomenon of "ghost children" in Côte d'Ivoire.
After the screening of the film on "Ghost Children", ie children without legal document of existence, the actors of the field exchanged ideas. Thus, the Minister Euphrasia Kouassi Yao, special adviser to the President of the Republic in charge of gender, also coordinator of the program Cocofci, brought out ideas that impressed the assembly.
Indeed, it believes that Côte d'Ivoire has in its possession the necessary strategies to fight against this phenomenon. "We have a high rate of ghost children. And I believe that we must make our arrangements to find adequate solutions. Because, if there are ghost children, it's because there are also ghost parents. (...) We can eradicate this through women leaders. The compendium now has 15,000 women and through an awareness among these women leaders, I believe we will get there, "proposed Euphrasia Kouassi Yao, confident. Continuing, she stressed that CREA-PEIX, a peacekeeping instrument, through community leaders would also be one of the solutions.
To achieve this objective, the holder of the UNESCO Chair, Water Women and decision-making power has appealed to deputies, as well as women of Côte d'Ivoire. "To you members, we trust you. And we really need you to meet this challenge, "the minister asked.
As for women, she said that the birth certificate is the identity of the child. A child without an extract is non-existent.
Secretary of State for the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Aimée ZEBEYOUX, has reassured that the special law relating to civil status, which aims to facilitate the birth certificate extraction process, will greatly reduce this rate.
The LAB, a platform for reflection
The Land of African Business (LAB) is a platform for reflection on opportunities for action for Africa founded in 2014. It aims to promote inclusive initiatives on the African continent in areas of wealth: Education, ICT, Transport, Fintech, agro-business, Gender and Social Justice.
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