Compendium des Compétences Féminines de Côte d'Ivoire

Cte dIvoire: The Compendium decorates 502 development champions and puts them on a peace mission in the Gbk region


They were 502 rural women leaders from Gbk who satisfied the criteria in terms of skills and several hundred came to assist them to also witness their dynamism, Saturday December 21, 2019, at the Jacques Aka Center in Bouak.

502 women rural leaders in the Gbk region were decorated for their skills and dynamism recognized in their communities. They are either pioneers in their communities, like to share their experience, live from the fruit of their activity or work for the consolidation of peace in their community.
These are, among others, some criteria defined by the Gbk Regional Committee and six criteria for the Compendium of female skills of Cte d'Ivoire (COCOFCI) which have made it possible to identify in the hamlets, villages and cities of Bouak, Sakassou, Boumi and Botro these 502 women rural leaders of Gbk, who are the pride of the Compendium of female skills of Ivory Coast.

"Today, we with you are the 502 identified rural women leaders that we have trained, that we have started to coach. With them, there will not be just women leaders in Abidjan like Euphrasie Yao. But, there will be thousands of women leaders in all sectors of activity and in all walks of life from university to the camp, "said Euphrasie Yao Kouassi, National Coordinator of the Compendium of Womens Skills in Cte d'Ivoire.
Go on a mission for peace, rural women leaders!

Coached since their identification, two years ago, they have benefited from training on empowerment and peace. The latter were again invited by their mentor, Euphrasie Yao, to favor in community, diplomacy, dialogue and mediation instead of violence or for the prevention / resolution of problems. Go on a mission for peace, rural women leaders! May our country benefit from the fruits of your wisdom, your faith, your delicacy and your commitment to inclusive, equitable and sustainable development, "she urged, after having made them independent leaders of the Ivorian society.

However, the Coordinator informed the brave women leaders that to maintain this peace so coveted by the country, they must be peacemakers. This is why, she explains, the creation since July 2019 of the Regional Community for Empowerment and Peace (Cra-peace). Which is an instrument of three-dimensional strategies, namely Awareness, training and concrete action (Cfa).
These champions of the development of the Gbk region intervene in sectors of activity such as agriculture, trade, catering, community animation, production, prophecy, healer, midwife, laborers, support orphans, entrepreneurship, etc.

The 502 women rural leaders of the Gbk / Ph Credo region
According to the former Minister of Women, Family and Child Protection, distinguished women leaders embody the example of female leadership impacting positive transformation with great potential. This is why, she recognizes, that they are "the champions of development, of torchbearers, of excellence in the Gbk region in the processes aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "

Before her, Bouaks deputy mayor Jacqueline NGuessan, said that the third millennium must restore to women what history has denied them, that is to say recovery. "History is a blatant injustice to women. She has no right to go to school, right to vote ... ", she accused, before stressing that women from all sectors and backgrounds must unite and support the Compendium.

The 502 decorated development champions received kits including a scarf, an honorary diploma, cooking utensils and mobile phones. Those who came to assist them each received a saucepan from the Minister. It was on the cult songs "Arenou and Gbingbin" by music artist Antoinette Konan- that made the room vibrate - that the ceremony of homage and distinction to women rural leaders in Gbk ended.

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