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Fight against Coronavirus: Cocofci launches a solidarity platform called "Base"


The UNESCO Chair "Water, women and decision-making power", through the Compendium of Women's Skills of Côte d'Ivoire (Cocofci), has set up an effective Love and Solidarity Bank (Base).

During his presentation to the press, on April 23, 2020, at Cocody-Riviera Faya in Abidjan, Euphrasie Kouassi Yao, special adviser to the President of the Republic in charge of Gender, said that this tool will serve to meet the vital needs of the populations vulnerable impacted by restrictions imposed as part of the fight against Covid-19. She therefore wished the contribution of all the members of Cocofci and all the goodwill to feed this banking structure.

The first act to take in this direction is to pay a membership fee of 1000 FCfa via one of the three mobile operators in Côte d'Ivoire. "Once the membership fee is paid, you can make your contribution according to your social position, through procedures that we will tell you", explains Guéi-Ecaré Pascale, responsible for the component '' Fundraising and monetary transfers' '.

She said the funds raised will, among other things, support the government’s initiative by assisting poor households. In addition, she said, arrangements are underway to equip populations with protective masks. On this subject, Attia Kassi Eugénie, president of the Women’s Compendium Organization (Ofc), informs that these mufflers will be made by goodwill and volunteers evolving in the field of sewing.

That’s why she’s calling for volunteers. “We have four groups to carry out this component, but we invite all those wishing to support us in this project to contact us. We will provide them with the materials and the accompanying measures, "she said.

Cocofci intends to set up a reliable information platform accessible to the public. It also intends to pool efforts at regional and international level with a view to sharing experiences and capitalizing on good practices and, finally, accelerating, at the same time, the activities of the OFC.

Euphrasie Kouassi Yao, finally, stressed that the other objective that Cocofci wants to achieve through the Base is to organize the members of the compendium into a strong and effective network to promote solidarity with vulnerable people. This, "having as a compass our values ​​which are: love, solidarity and daring".
By Hervé Adou / Frat-mat

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