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NATHALIE TAN épse FONDIO Principal administrator of financial services

Born June 15, 1978 in KPON-Houyé about fifty kilometers from Danané (west of Cote d'Ivoire), TAN Nathalie is the fourth daughter of TAN Monzion and Ouata Hélène, a family of six children including a boy ; hence his name "PLEINAN" which means among the Dan people: ALL IS CHILD, in other words: Girl or boy, it is a child.
TAN Nathalie spent her early childhood in the courtyard of the ISSIA Women's Home (current IFEF) in the western center of the country, where her mother was the Director from 1981 to 1991. This period was marked by moments of joy with her brother and her sisters.
She attended primary school at the ISSIA 1 EPP where she obtained the Certificate of Primary Elementary Studies (CEPE). Then she did the first cycle of her high school studies at the municipal college of ISSIA before being oriented in 1993 in 2nd in Katiola where her mother was transferred a year rather. She did the second cycle of secondary school sanctioned by obtaining BAC D in 1996 and was oriented the same year at the UFR of the Economic Sciences and Development of the University of Bouaké. During this academic period, Nathalie has experienced everyday realities with her share of violence and white years and has had to fight to stand in this environment. The years of university led him to understand that it is necessary to work enormously to get out of this situation due to the high rate of unemployed graduates. In 2002, she obtained a Master's degree in Management Science.
Faced with the war situation in the country with the uncertainty and worry of the difficult future, Nathalie chose to work instead of pursuing a third cycle. She then passes the direct entrance examination to the Higher Cycle of the National School of Administration (ENA), precisely in the course of the African Higher Education Management Course of the Sanitary Establishments (CESAMES) to which she is admitted.
The training followed in this prestigious school culminates in the award of the Diploma of the Superior Cycle of the ENA (Promotion 2003-2004) and a DESS in Management of the Sanitary Institutions. She leaves the ENA as a Financial Services Administrator. She was assigned to her first position as Director of the General Hospital of Alépé in June 2006. It was a time full of diverse experiences in the management of Men and hospital activities with their lots of stress and d 'emergency room. It succeeds in meeting the challenge of managing this health establishment by setting up the management bodies, reorganizing the services, restoring trust between the hospital and its populations, all of which is paid for by the organization in July 2007, of open days at the General Hospital of Alépé, with the theme "the General Hospital of Alépé even closer to its people". The beginning of his career in this hospital has enormously forged it.
In December 2009, she is transferred to the Grand-Bassam General Hospital where she is still working. She participates in several seminars, conferences, and continues to strengthen her capacities to the point of being today National Trainer in Performance-Based Financing, Coach and Facilitator in Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP +) in the South Comoé Health Region .
At the Hôpital Général of Grand-Bassam, it has increased the level of its own resources, raised the technical base of the structure, improved working conditions for staff and reception of clients, team spirit and sense of duty within the staff. This context led to the mobilization of personnel in real time on 13 March 2016 during the terrorist attack in Grand Bassam and promptness in the care of the victims of this attack.
She puts a point of honor on the hygiene of the premises of the hospital making the general hospital of Grand Bassam one of the cleanest hospitals in the country.
Within the framework of hospital partnerships, she has conducted several work assignments in France, specifically in Moulins, within the framework of the partnership of the General Hospital of Grand Bassam with the Moulins-Yzeure hospital center.
In addition to her professional duties, she is an active member of associations such as JEF-ci (female youth of Cote d'Ivoire), from 2000 to 2003. She is a member of the Ivorian Network of Women Administrators (RIFEMAD) and member of the Compendium of Women's Competences of Côte d'Ivoire.
The associative life for it, is essential because it allows to open up to the others and to better understand the daily problems.
Happy moments have basically marked his stay in Bassamois. These include the birth of her daughter in 2010, her marriage on 01 July 2017 making her today Mrs FONDIO and the recognition of her work inrs the award of the Excellence Award 2017 as a Best Superior Health Officer, awarded to him on August 4, 2017. This award is a factor of joy and encouragement to always work better, to surpass himself for always deserve the confidence of all, what she had already understood since the faculty: work only work. Mrs Nathalie TAN wife FONDIO is now Chief Administrative Officer of Financial Services and has 11 years of professional experience.

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Femme à la une NATHALIE TAN épse FONDIO Principal administrator of financia

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