Compendium des Compétences Féminines de Côte d'Ivoire

COCOFCI - Compendium of Women's Competences of Côte d'Ivoiree

Enhance the visibility, participation and leadership of women in the management of public and private affairs

Provide useful information to the President of the Republic for recruitment, appointment or representation

Identify areas where women are under represented in order to encourage corrective measures in the sense of fairness and social justice

Promote networking among women

The responsibles



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Miss Euphrasie Kouassi Yao


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Presentation of the Compendium

The Ivory Coast has ratified most international texts relating to equal opportunities including CEDAW, the Beijing Platform for Action, Solemn Declaration of the Heads of States of the African Union on gender.
At the national level, are: the Solemn Declaration on Gender, Equity and Gender, The National Policy Paper on Gender and several measures to reduce social disparities.
Nevertheless, analysis of the current situation reveals the existence of gender inequalities between women and men.

To address this issue, the President of the Republic has implemented the Compendium of Women Skills Ivory Coast (COCOFCI), a program overseen by the Special Adviser in charge of Gender and Social Affairs, and coordinated by the Holder the UNESCO Chair "Water, Women and Decision Power" in order to map the competent Ivorian women.
Officially launched October 4, 2011, the objective is to COCOFCI among others:

    • Enhance the visibility, participation and leadership of women in the management of public and private affairs;
    • Provide useful and timely information to the President of the Republic for making certain decisions concerning the recruitment, appointment or representation of Women Skills;
    • Identifier les secteurs où les femmes sont sous représentées afin d’inciter à la prise de mesures correctives dans le sens de l’équité et de la justice sociale;
    • Favoriser le réseautage entre les femmes.


    The COCOFCI now has an interactive database of over ten thousand women including:
  • The high-level female executives BAC + 4 with professional experience;
  • Girls / women graduates BAC + 4 level, with skills to assert;
  • Women of all levels (intellectual or otherwise) excelling in their field of activities.
    Several results obtained with the first directory of women setting with professional experience consists of one thousand (1003) women and women craze, policy makers and development partners.

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Femme à la une Euphrasie Kouassi YAO Titulaire de la Chaire UNESCO

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Women of high level, young women graduates, women of all levels who excel in their sectors of activity.


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