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Fight against Coronavirus: Euphrasie Yao and the Base provide care for 150 diabetics


Barely set up by the members of the Compendium of Women’s Skills of Côte d'Ivoire (Cocofci) and the UNESCO Chair in “Water, Women and Decision-Making Power” when the Effective Love and Solidarity Bank (Base) became known.

On May 14, this structure, overseen by Euphrasie Kouassi Yao, Cocofci coordinator with the Presidency of the Republic, was at the bedside of diabetics at the Chu de Treichville diabetes clinic. In a surge of solidarity in favor of vulnerable populations, it and its members have chosen to take care of some patients of this state clinic.

In fact, Euphrasie Kouassi Yao handed over 150 modern insulins for emergencies and slow reactions to Etienne Yao, director general of the Chu in the presence of the managers of the said clinic. For the Cocofci coordinator "no one should die because of me".

A reflection in line with the objectives of the Base, which aims to be an instrument at the service of vulnerable people. It is for this reason that many members of the Base felt touched and came forward by making a contribution towards the purchase of the drugs.

According to her, it is the gesture of love, self-giving and solidarity that accompanies the act that must be taken into consideration. "It was the average citizen who heard the cry from the Base, who gave what he had so that we could buy all these drugs to save lives," she said. Before inviting all populations animated by the gift of self to join this platform to share their love and save lives.

The director of the Chu, Etienne Yao, before giving the donation to Dr Amos Ankotcké, head of the clinic, addressed his thanks to the members of the Base for this surge of solidarity which will greatly relieve the residents of the diabetes clinic . Because in this health crisis situation, they are among those exposed because "the Covid-19 unbalances them as seriously ill".

In addition, as head of the healthcare establishment on the front line in the fight against the Coronavirus, he hopes that other people of good will and structures will follow in the footsteps of the Love and Solidarity Bank to relieve other boarders

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